Yoga Beat® is the practice that combines ancient traditions with contemporary rhythms:

un unforgettable Yoga journey through sound and lights.

We study the deep connections between sound, movement, rhythm and vibration.

Yoga Beat® is an easy and overwhelming  Yoga method, developed for everybody.

In Yoga Beat® we’re trying to bring Yoga Asanas and Pranayama in a music pattern, in a very enjoyable way.

Everyones can do Yoga Beat® and start to bring the light of Yoga in their life.

Many schools and teachers are using sound and music during their classes, but at Yoga Beat® we bring all the knowledge from many disciplines, techniques and methods to offer a dynamic and unique music-driven form of Yoga, infusing a sacred practice with engaging rhythms. In fact, rhythm has become one of the most key elements, not just a musical accompaniment. The participants will experience the musical rhythm and their own inner rhythm, allowing them to release emotional tension and blockages. This method is designed to develop strength, core stability, power, and flexibility within a fun and liberating Yoga experience.

We are a team of passionate teachers and yogis. We want to build a network of schools and prepared teachers, that teach not only yoga, but also dance, movement and musical aspects, in order to give a truly unique yoga experience for the participants. Our partners are composers, sound engineers, light engineers, producers, life coaches, therapists, dancers, each of whom gives us their unique support for this project… at Yoga Beat every session is curated down to the last detail. Come and meet us to feel your vibration synthesise with ours!

We organize classes, workshops, retreats, training and special events in several European capitals: each and every one is a unique and engaging experience that has been customized with original tips, music, and choreography. In fact, an inspired combination of a multitude of factors makes your practice unique. In our classes, we take care of every detail: sounds, music, sequences, lights, effects, beverages, and even scents.

It’s about time to get into the practice of yoga in a comprehensive, new, and super-stimulating way.
Find the Yoga Beat class nearest to you or organize one in your gym, studio, company, or city!