We are looking for people who want to change themselves, who want to change the world, to build deep energy bonds with each other and create new opportunities for meeting, communication and career.

Our trainers are specialized on the most varied Yogic disciplines, artistic and therapeutic techniques. Training with the issuing of the Yoga Beat teacher certificate takes place in the following ways:

Level 1 – Volunteer

Level 2 – Teacher

Level 3 – Organizator


Level 1 – Volunteer – You are in the team, we will teach you step by step.

Level 2 – Teacher 

1)Pre-requisites: None /Course duration: 300h –  4 week modules /Where: at our affiliated offices and schools.

2)Pre-requisites: Yoga teacher certification 200 h / Course duration: 100h –  3 weekend modules / Where: at our affiliated offices and schools.

Level 3 – Organizator – If you think you have skills and you want to work with us, we are looking for you!


 Training Subjects 


Dynamism in the asanas


Flow and sequences on the Beat

Yoga therapy


Breathing and Pranayama

Breathing and emotions.

Pranayma, how to integrate it into the Beat practice


Historical notes and rituals

Basic practice

Choreography and music

Movement and biomechanics of emotions


Historical background and research

Use of music as a therapy.

Musical genres on Yoga

Anatomy and Ayurveda

Public Speaking

Beat Meditations and our styles